About Us

Jones & Black

The creative genius behind Jones & Black comes from a combination of two partners, both vapers, who have created a unique range of flavourful smooth juices. With backgrounds in catering and hospitality these to young 30 somethings have combined there skills to produce a range of glorious and individual e liquid flavours.


Jones & Black Flavour House

Each flavour created by Jones & Black has gone through rigorous testing in all mix ratios (PG/VG & Nic Strengths). Jones & Black does not use any additives or colouring and only 100% natural and pharma grade ingredients are used. A high amount of scientific, technical and intellectual methodology goes into the creation of each flavour from Jones & Black. Their flavour-house focuses on creating high intensity and pristine individual flavours rather than lots and lots of sub standard basic flavours.


Thier experience working with and understanding the complexities of flavours allows Jones & Black to produce on-point liquids that interact, excite and invigorate the sense of taste and aroma.